The SocRob Project  

ISocRob - Four Legged League (4LL)

Project Summary and Aims

The ISocRob4LL team is no longer a newcomer in RoboCup Four Legged League. In 2006, we participated in RoboCup 4LL Technical Challenges, in Bremen, and got the 6th place overall, being number 3 in the pass Challenge. This year (2007), we are starting a mixed team with the Italian team SPQR, and the goal is to compete in the actual games. Check our qualification material for 2007.

The goal of the underlying SocRob project for the legged robots is to develop and implement research on cooperative navigation and object localization and behavior coordination. We take advantage of this being a standard hardware league to concentrate on software issues and, mainly, on concepts! Even at the software level we use existing lower level modules previously developed by other teams, such as self-localization, gait control, perception, and color segmentation, and focus on developing architectural and cooperative topics.

SocRob software architecture MeRMaID is common to the ISocRob-MSL team. Both teams will provide iterations on the architecture, and we expect to share many of the higher level operators and behaviors.

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